Are you thinking to deepen your yoga path? Develop yourself further? Become a yoga teacher?

With the saktiisha Yoga Trainings you lay a solid foundation for your development in Yoga and you work on your personal development. Saktiisha academy offers authentic training focused on the 3 schools of yoga philosophy: Yoga, Samkhya, Vendanta and integrate basic principles of sister science Ayurveda into our programs. We teach you to find the way to calmness, peace of mind, inner strength, awakening the Self. Live a healthy and balanced life.

“Wie ben ik?” “Waar sta ik?”Deze vragen staan centraal in een 250 uurs training. Self-study, self-inquiry & Yoga practice are interrelated. In these training courses we give you the space, knowledge and experience to be able to walk that way.

We offer a range of training to deepen your knowledge and experience in different areas and themes of Yoga.
You can do all the training or a part that suits you.
You receive a certificate for every training. The certificates add up to the Yoga Teacher diploma. We have the following options:

Yogi’s Intensive
SYT20 hours
2 day training
online and 1 day on locatie

>>still in development

Yoga Foundation
SYT50 hours
6 day training
online and 4 days on locatie

Yoga Personal Development
SYT200 uurs
14 day training
online, 5 days on locatie, 7 days retreat

Yoga Teacher Certification
SYTT50 hours
6 day specialisation
6 days on locatie

Teachers Immersion
SYTT50 hours
6 day specialisation training
partly online

>>still in development

The following courses together form the Saktiisha Yoga Teacher Training (SYTT250-500):
Yoga Foundation + Yoga Personal Development + Yoga Teacher Certification

Saktiisha yoga workouts are based on the 8-fold path of yoga

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