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Saktiisha Yoga Academy trainings offer you everything for your personal development – mind, body and spirit. With our Yoga Foundation Course you lay the foundation. Then dive deeper with our Personal Development Course. Finally, by following the Teacher Certification Course you will be trained as a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher. Our training program is certified by Yoga Alliance International (YAI).

Workshops for personal development


Is yoga new to you? Then we have the Introduction to Yoga course. With our workshops you can deepen your own yoga practice.

Yoga Retreats for Personal Development


Reset yourself and find the silence inside. To find answers to your life’s questions. Take part in one of our yoga retreats.

Various Syles of Yoga at Saktiisha Yoga Academy


We have several yoga classes, via live stream and on location, in The Hague and Krimpen aan den Ijssel.

Inspiration for Mind Body & Soul Through Yoga


Inspiration for your personal development by sharing our insights into yoga with you. Connection by sharing love for yoga.

What do our customers say about us?

  • Great yoga studio 🙂
    The location is beautiful and the people simply wonderful. The classes are always extremely relaxing and vitalising, end in English if needed. Always a pleasure to come here ❤️

  • Saktiisha is an incredible yoga studio with an abundance of positive energy flowing through every room. I have found that the staff are very friendly and provide great
    guidance through physical, emotional and spiritual meditation. Classes are taught in both English and Dutch which allows for a very inclusive atmosphere.

  • As it happens, I walked past the saktiisha property last winter. Out of curiosity took a yoga class and now, a few months later, I don't want to be without it. For me, it is a welcome addition to my life. I notice how valuable it is for me to get out of the 'rat race' and pay attention to myself. Besides the physical aspect of yoga, I learn a lot about myself and my body. This awareness also brings me a lot of good outside the yoga classes. The great thing about saktiisha is the diversity of lessons that are offered. You have the chance to try out each type of yoga, look for the one shape that best suits you or to follow multiple forms at once. The studio is spacious and has a pleasant appearance. I experience the teachers as people with passion. In addition, there is genuine interest and attention for the students. saktiisha is accessible, especially for people who have not been in contact with yoga before. For people who are looking for knowledge or depth in meditation, for example: workshops are regularly given here too! In short, saktiisha is a good asset for the Centre of The Hague.

  • I have already taken several yin lessons here, delicious! Fine teachers and space, and good energy. I'm very happy to have discovered Saktiisha.

  • I had a great experience during this yoga class. Very nice relaxation after hard day at work. I would recommend to people that want to take off stress and remove tension from their muscles.

  • Great teacher and the center is beautiful! ❤️

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Welcome to saktiisha!

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